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At OLA PROPERTIES, you will find your West Oahu Professionals, specializing in Real Estate Sales, Vacation Rentals, Long Term and Corporate Rentals, and Property Care.


When you are ready to sell your property, we invite you to sit with us.  Our experienced team of agents help to illuminate the best parts of your property, bringing more interest and higher traffic to your listing.  They help to explain the complicated parts so that each step of the selling process is an easy road for you.


Plan your next Hawaiian vacation with Ola Properties, West Oahu’s Expert in Vacation Rentals and Corporate Housing.  We specialize in oceanfront resort areas like Ko Olina Resort and Makaha, and have a growing network of affiliates dedicated to bring holiday convenience to your doorstep.


The convenience of having a Property Manager is being able to delegate the advertising, tenant screening and accounting.  What sets Ola Properties apart from the rest is our personal attention to detail and people.  We make sure that our tenants have someone to talk to so that matters get resolved quickly and painlessly, and we keep our owners in the loop every step of the way.  We give our tenants alternative ways of making payments, and give them portals so that they can report maintenance items before they become too severe.


Our tenant portal allows maintenance items to be reported immediately.  Once notified our maintenance team asses the problem so see if it can be handled in-house.  If more professional help is required, we coordinate the scheduling between tenant and vendor to obtain multiple quotes, present various options to the owner, facilitate that choice so that the repair can be completed, and finally communicate to the owner upon completion.